Xavier Bustamante Talavera

A Software Engineer specialized in project & product management, software development & architecture, and python.


  • DeviceTag.io
  • 2015 — 2019
Product Manager & software developer

Co-founded DeviceTag.io, a social startup that provides solutions for reusing devices using breakthrough technologies, managing a team of ~7 people and developing the full-stack; secured 0.5M€ in funding from the governments of the EU (Horizon 2020), Spain, and Catalonia; and we were accelerated by Ship2B, CivicHub, and Ledger.

  • XSR (Xarxa de Suport a la Reutilització)
  • 2013 — 2015
Developer and manager

Developed and managed XSR, a collaborative platform of the Generalitat de Catalunya (CoreTIC).

  • JEDI (Joves estudiants d'informàtica)
  • 2012 — 2014

Managed and administered a student-run consulting NGO.


Open-source projects I created, developed, and led in DeviceTag.io.

  • Python 3.6, Debian/Linux, Terminal based
  • (link)
Software that creates a hardware report of a computer by extracting component information (e.g. serial numbers), testing, benchmarking, erasing, and installing an OS.
  • Python 3.6, PostgreSQL, Flask, MongoDB, API REST, AngularJS
  • (link)
A distributed iOT Asset Management System focused on reusing devices.


  • Spring 2019, Fall 2019
Geneva Business School Barcelona Campus
BBA, Two introductory classes: Coding (Python), and software product management (prototyping a web app).
  • Spring 2015
Youth in social exclusion risk, Website development.
  • Biannual conference, 2013 — 2019
Tecnologia per Tothom (TxT)
Volunteer, Bachelor in software engineering and bachelor in telecommunications. Socio-environmental impact of technology and reuse. Tecnologia per Tothom (TxT) is an NGO under the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya.
  • Spring 2012, Fall 2012
Bachelor in software engineering, Website development.


At ESADE, Spain

Presenting DeviceTag.io as part of the Ship2B acceleration program.

At Ledger, The Netherlands

Presenting DeviceTag.io as part of the Ledger EU program.


  • Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya
  • 2010 — 2016
Bachelor Degree in Informatics Engineering

I am an entrepreneur who enjoys doing projects that help shape a better world, teaching to diverse collectives about software, developing in python, and writing in this blog.

Creative, agileist, resolutive, and social & environmental activist. Become rich by solving poverty.

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This site is a collection of personal notes and tricks about software and programming. I started it alone, but a friend already contributed with a post — thank you Dani!

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