Install Virtualbox in Debian 9

How to install Virtualbox in Debian 9. An apt working way (because it was not going to be so easy…).


  1. Follow this section from the oficial Debian guide.
  2. Although you should be done, you won’t be able to start a machine if your Linux kernel is more recent than the one Virtualbox was targeted at. To fix this do:
    1. sudo apt install inux-headers-amd64 -y
    2. sudo /sbin/vboxconfig
    3. And done.
  3. To install the extension pack, just go to Virtualbox downloads, download them from there and double click the downloaded file.

Here you have a guide to install the guest additions into a Debian 9 guest.

2 thoughts on “Install Virtualbox in Debian 9

  1. Hello….

    I’ve just come across your guide to creating a custom live
    Debian 9 iso. Thanks for taking the trouble to share your expertise.

    The alioth.debian links aren’t forthcoming. Any clues as to where I might go.

    I’m interested in customising my thumbdrives, but am no great coder. I just use perl for my work, which is not an IT field.

    Nick Croft

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